Here Comes the Bride – Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding

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Close your eyes and imagine your dream wedding.

You are in a beautiful location, surrounded by friends and family. All eyes are on you as you step out and begin that walk down the aisle, a walk that leads to precious moments that will last for the rest of your life.

You have the most beautiful wedding dress on and you are positively glowing with exuberance and joy as the smiling faces of loved ones around you share in the moment.

The dress is perfect, but what about your shoes?

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding there are so many things to consider. Venue, invitations, music, catering and of course your outfit.

While so much emphasis is placed on finding the right dress, and for good reason, the right shoes are also essential to completing your overall look and making sure that you can step down the aisle with confidence.

With that in mind, here are Kalena’s tips for making sure your footwear matches the importance of your big day.

Location, Location, Location

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing your wedding shoes, the venue where the wedding is taking place is actually an essential piece of the puzzle.

Is it a more traditional-style wedding in a church? Is it going to be held outdoors? Perhaps something different in a more modern, trendy location.

Take a look at photos of the location and if possible, visit in advance to get a feel for it. The colors, mood and atmosphere can give you some good ideas for the type of shoes you want to be wearing.

Besides style considerations there is also the matter of logistics in regards to what you can wear while remaining as comfortable as possible. An outdoor location may mean you need to bring the heel size down a notch or two so you can remain graceful while stepping out on softer terrain such as a lawn.

If the reception is then held indoors, you can change into a more appropriate shoe at that time. Just make sure the heel size is relatively the same as it needs to match your dress length. Which leads us into..

Match Your Shoes to Your Outfit

Yes this is the most obvious piece of fashion advice ever but it becomes even more important when it comes to your wedding.

Besides the color and style of your dress, you need to consider the length when compared with the height of your heel. Make sure your dress is hemmed to an appropriate length so your shoes aren’t hidden from view and also to ensure that you aren’t stepping on it and tripping over it all day long.

In this regard, the shoes and the dress actually share equal importance so instead of choosing one or the other first, consider them both at the same time so you don’t end up with the incorrect heel height on the day.

Consider also any other accessories you are going to be wearing and try to match the color and tone when selecting your shoes.

Also, keep in mind that you will be wearing your shoes for a very long time and will be on your feet for most of it so you need to..

Consider Comfort as Well as Style

Over the ages women’s fashion has often prioritized style over comfort and while a wedding certainly may be a time you’re willing to suffer for perfection, there can be a compromise.

Keep in mind that you will be standing and walking around for the entire day and nothing drains your energy more than wearing shoes that are hurting your feet. It can affect not only the way you walk but also your mood as being in pain is not exactly the best way to spend a day that is so meaningful to your life.

Make sure you have tried your shoes on not only for a brief period to see how they feel when walking around but for several hours as you go about your day. Remain indoors during this time so you don’t risk getting them dirty as if they really start to hurt your feet you will need to consider exchanging them for a different pair.

If you are really set on a pair of shoes that look absolutely stunning but are uncomfortable or painful over the long run, make sure you have a second, more comfortable pair you can slide on after the formal part of the ceremony is over (again, with a similar heel height to the originals). After all, you will eventually be hitting the dance floor and you certainly don’t want to be stumbling around in agony while all eyes are on you.

Kalenas Has You Covered

When it comes to celebrating such an important time in your life, you need to make sure you put your best foot forward when you walk down the aisle.

Kalenas Shoes, located in the heart of Little Italy on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, has a wide selection of bridal shoes and friendly, knowledgeable staff that will attend to your every need and help you choose the footwear that best matches your dress and your style preference.

Take a look at our Bridal Shoe Special and get great savings on a variety of wedding-specific styles.

Most importantly, come in and see us! Contact us to arrange a fitting and we’ll make sure you leave with the perfect footwear for your perfect day.

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